AfriLabs Hubs Learning Week

The AfriLabs Hub Learning Week is a week of virtual capacity building workshops held quarterly. It empowers innovation hub managers and staff with requisite and formal incubation management training and skills needed to start, operate and expand hubs in Africa.

The aim of the Hubs Learning Week is to lay a groundwork for hub managers to build their knowledge on as well as give hubs located in remote locations not able to attend the physical workshops to engage online in a virtual interactive learning environment. The AfriLabs Learning Week is facilitated by existing and experienced hub members and focused largely on practical case studies and strategies that work.

Activities leading to the Hubs Learning Week

Call for facilitators

Screening and selection of facilitators

Registration of hub managers and staff for the Learning week

Commencement of the Learning Week

Call for application of Virtual Meetup Grants

Hubs Learning Week Series 6

Hubs Learning Week Series 5

Hubs Learning Week Special Edition

Hubs Learning Week Series 2

Hubs Learning Week Series 1

2021 Upcoming Hubs Learning week

  • Hubs Learning Week 7  
  • Hubs Learning Week 8